The Great Lemonade Crusade

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  I acknowledge my son/daughter (or this youth) is in my legal care, and allow them to participate in the training and experience of the Lemonade Crusade. I also release all liability as described here.  

***Important: We want all the kids to have a great experience, so the Lemonade Crusade strongly recommends making a quick phone call to your local City Clerk’s Office and asking if there are any permits required for a child to run a temporary lemonade stand.***

For more information the legalities of Lemonade Stands you can read:

  I also assume full responsibility to checking the local laws and ordinances for my child’s stand.

***The Federal Trade Commission of the USA created COPPA (Children’s Online Privacy Protection Rule) in 1999. It’s a good rule to make sure parents/guardians are in agreement with what kid’s are using online. Thus, to be in compliance with the rule, we require the e-signature of a children’s legal guardian stating their support of the child’s participation in the Lemonade Crusade. This esignature also is a release of liability should any incidident occur while the children are doing their lemonade stand.***

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