Invisible Empire a simple referral program that rewards you for helping us spread the message of our information products. Whether you are an existing member simply wanting to share our products for extra money, or you desire a more lucrative possibility, the Invisible Empire referral program may be for you.

Unlike complicated network marketing “pay plans”, with multiple levels and confusing commissions, Invisible Empire is simple:

#1- Refer a new member to take a look at one of our products, and when they purchase, you are paid royalties on that specific product (as outlined in our Pay Plan PDF). Affiliates are paid every Tuesday, on the previous week’s sales.

#2- We have a small $19.95 monthly fee to be an active affiliate. This helps us maintain your affiliate website and our administration costs. No purchase of the membership is required to become an affiliate. And no stressful qualifications or high-pressure monthly quotas are required.

What’s even better?

We offer additional marketing training you can purchase (note: this is not included in the monthly $19.95 affiliate fee) that provides clear guidance on how to market our products with your friends and family, or through social media and even paid marketing on the internet.

To join Invisible Empire’s referral program click here.